MUMBAI : Primary students of a Zilla Parishad (ZP) Gujarati medium school in Boisar, Palghar are forced to climb onto the roof of their school, but to replace broken Mangalorean tiles which led to leaking in their class rooms!

The ZP school is located in Navapur, in Boisar and these scenes were witnessed by Nagnath Babar, a social activist who filmed the entire incident. To my shock,  I saw a few  Std 2 to Std V students climbing on the roof and replacing the broken Mangalorean tiles, due to which water was seeping inside their rooms. These are the jobs of a contractor and not by the students, said Babar, and all these were done at the behest of the school teachers.

The primary section hold classes from Std 1 to Std VII and the young students were forced to climb onto the roof of their schools to either replace or clean the Mangalorean tiles,said Babar.  Had any of the students slipped while doing such a job, the result would have been fatal,he said. Not long ago, a girl died on the spot after the iron gate fell on her at a Wada ZP school, and now it seems the government is inviting such dangers, he said.

It is clear that teachers may be using students in other old school structures which has Mangalorean tiles to replace broken tiles, he alleged and just it was a coincidence that I spotted the students doing a risky job.


Rajesh Kankal, District Education Officer, Palghar was shocked to hear about the incident, when we contacted him. I have ordered the Block Education Officer (BEO),Palghar to immediate take action against the teachers for ordering the students to climb onto the roof for such repairs. A student is supposed to learn and not take up such risky jobs, and it is the teachers who are at fault, and we will not spare the guilty, assured Kankal.